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Welcome to Picture DLC Photography. Why pay high prices for a maybe? See your photos as we work and get instant results. I take natural photos with natural light that capture the REAL you. The picture you want...When you want it...At a price you can afford!
Experience a relaxed atmosphere with NO pressure to perform. Enjoy the luxury of input into your photos as well as on site retouching. Not only am I a photographer, but I'm active in the production and performance sides of the business which gives me unique insight into what looks will WORK for you. I have extensive experience with both children and adults. Whether you are just starting out, or have starred on film, television or stage,you will have a comfortable, productive and professional experience. .
The shoot and one print ready file as well as retouching and web ready file is only $300.00! Additional photos are $30.00 each with a $20.00 optional retouching charge. Web ready file included. Package deals also available. For questions regarding commercial, dance, artistic or other photography needs, please contact me directly at DansirDLC@aol.com. The contact field below is temporarily unavailable. Become a fan at facebook.com/picturedlc or connect at linkedin.com/in/darinchumbley. Fine art prints now available on Etsy. (www.etsy.com/shop/darinchumbley)
Email: DansirDLC@aol.com
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